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About Accelerant Research    

Full-Service Marketing Research and Consulting

Accelerant Research is a full-service marketing research and consulting firm located in Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to help companies grow their brands and strengthen customer ties, faster.

In 2008, we formalized a compelling business model that led us to open our own firm – better quality, faster, cheaper.

In partnering with Accelerant Research our clients will experience – every day, on every project – a level of client service and analytic insight we believe is not offered by other suppliers. Each project is led by a principal of the firm, and every project employs a team-based approach to serve our clients best.

Our strength in research capabilities rests on our thought leadership, practice skills, and experience in:

A Compelling Business Model

Through several years in corporate- and supplier-side roles, we can see and appreciate what is most important to clients. We are very familiar with making supplier decisions on the basis of trade-offs on key supplier dimensions by opting for a maximum of two dimensions at the expense of the third dimension.

Accelerant Research was designed to maintain high quality, deliver faster, and reduce cost.

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