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Advertising Research    

Accelerant Research presents an entire research program for advertising research. We are able to design and conduct any of these as stand-alone studies or design an entire process according to your specific needs.

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What should ad say?
We believe marketing communications should be based on the messages that drive prospects’ consideration. At this first stage, we deploy Consideration Driver research to identify the kinds of messages that resonate most with consumers. In so doing, we uncover the answer to “what should the ad say?” The output from this model is used to inform the development of a creative brief and enable the development of "test-phrases".

How to say it?
In the articulation phase, we pinpoint which phrases or taglines best articulate each of the key drivers of consideration found in the Consideration Driver research. The output is used to feed creative concepts, storyboards, animatics, rough ads, etc.

In the execution phase, we test the actual rough or finished ad to ensure the creative execution communicates the intended message. Testing ads at this stage helps to mitigate risk prior to launch. Research in this phase includes a standardized battery of measures and dial technology.

How well did it work?

The objective for the evaluation phase is to assess in-market performance. We also have the capabilities to develop models that measure return on marketing investment (ROMI) specific to your product and category